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Chatham University

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Admission Requirements

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2017 cohort - classes will begin August 28, 2017!

We evaluate all DNP applications on a rolling basis, however we recommend that interested applicants apply as early as possible. A limited number of seats are available and the cohort typically fills each semester.

Submit your online application directly to Chatham University at Once your online application is complete, please submit all required application documents (listed below) to:

Chatham University
Berry Hall/CCPS Admission
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232


  • Online application submitted directly to Chatham University at
  • Official Academic Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Applicant must have completed Master of Science in Nursing degree - cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or greater
  • Copy of Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of current RN license
  • Two letters of professional recommendation addressing the candidate's strengths, and ability to succeed in the program. Click here to download the recommendation form
  • Admissions essay:

    Describe the following in your essay:
    • your area of interest (e.g. advanced clinical practice, administration, education, etc.)
    • potential clinical problem that you plan to focus on as your identified topic in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program.
    • why you are interested in this clinical problem,
    • why it is relevant for the current society,
    • why it potentially warrants evidenced-based practice change,
    • how it is relevant to the role of the DNP-prepared nurse and the implementation of evidence-based practice.
    *The essay should be around 500 words. To prepare for this essay, please watch the evidence-based practice video by Dr. Beth Gazza: The link can also be found on the Chatham University Doctor of Nursing Practice website. The topic/ problem you address in the essay is subject to faculty review and approval once enrolled in the DNP program.
  • Documentation of Clinical Experience:
    • As the DNP degree is a clinical doctorate, the 1000 post-baccalaureate clinical hour requirement as stated in The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (AACN, 2006) must be strictly adhered to and the hours must be completed in a healthcare setting prior to degree conferral. Since Chatham's program is a post-masters DNP program, Chatham requires that each applicant provides sufficient and accurate evidence of the completion of 500 supervised hours achieved post-baccalaureate, and already completed upon entering into Chatham's DNP program. While enrolled in the DNP program, the remaining 500 supervised hours will be completed. Applicants that have earned an advanced practice certification (e.g. NP, CRNA*, CNS, and CNM) must provide a copy of their current national certification as evidence of having completed 500 supervised clinical hours since completing a baccalaureate nursing education program. *NBCRNA certificate holders must submit a copy of their NBCRNA transcript as provided by NBCRNA. This transcript will specifically reference the number of practice hours in the applicant's program.
    • Applicants who have not yet earned an advanced practice certification must provide a thorough description of the supervised clinical/practicum hours completed while enrolled in an NP, CRNA, CNS, or CNM program as validated by an official transcript.
      Acceptable descriptions include:
      1. Course syllabi that demonstrate the number of clinical hours required in each course,
      2. Official clinical logs which record the clinical hours in each course,
      3. An official letter from the Master's program director, and
      4. An official letter from the mentor who supervised the required clinical hours.
    • Students who have not completed a master's curriculum inclusive of 500 academically supervised clinical hours may apply to Chatham as a Non-Degree Seeking student to pursue these hours. Chatham offers NUR697 Nursing Clinical Practicum, a 3 credit course which includes 250 supervised clinical hours. Students may register for this course twice if needed, however the course may not be taken twice within the same semester. Students may begin the process of applying for formal DNP admission while enrolled in their final semester of NUR697. It is important to note that Non-Degree completion of NUR697 does not guarantee or imply automatic admission to the Chatham DNP program. If you have additional questions about registration in this course, please contact the Admission Office at (412) 365-1498.

Explanation of Evidence-Based Practice

When preparing your admissions materials, all applicants should keep in mind the role of Evidence-Based Practice within the scope of the DNP. For a better explanation, view this video presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Gazza, instructor in Chatham's DNP program.


If you have any questions please contact:

Graduate Admission