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A Comparison of Traditional and Online Student Preparedness upon Graduating from an Interior Design Program

Author: Windy J. Neff
Date: 2007
Program: Master of Science in Interior Architecture, Chatham University

Interior design intern employers were surveyed to see if there is a difference between traditional and online education within an examined institution. The offered a Bachelor of Science degree through the two different means. Interviews with two established designers, which had a professional relationship with the researcher and familiarity with supervising student interns, helped to formulate the researchers questionnaire. The survey was designed to be anonymous and the majority of the questions were close ended. Fifty-nine employers successfully received a web-based survey ( There were a total of 27 questionnaires returned, giving the researcher a 46% return rate. The survey was divided into seven different categories: general descriptive questions; organization skills and time management; professionalism; motivation and personality; communication skills; technical skills and quality of work; and writing skills. The researcher compared employer responses based on seven different categories and can state with a 95% confidence level that there was little difference between the students preparedness in the traditional or online programs.