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Sustainable Design Education: Are Future Interior Designers Ready for Present Day Design Issues?

Author: Andrea L. Wolff
Date: 2008
Program: Master of Science in Interior Architecture, Chatham University

Interior design education is ever expanding. It is imperative for educators to stay abreast of new issues and topics. Today, the design world faces its hugest challenge yet. Environmental issues are at the headline of every subject. Designing for sustainability is important for designers to meet the needs of today’s society. Undergraduate interior design students require an education that provides them with a sufficient amount of information in sustainability. The research conducted in this study seeks to determine if enough information in the area of sustainability is being provided to present day undergraduate interior design students. The research shows that students are being provided sustainable design content, but at times, it is only provided as a single course. In this case, interior design programs need to be modified in order to reinforce sustainability across the curriculum. Faculty members may need to update their knowledge as well in order to provide the information to the students. Further research is needed in the area of sustainable interior design education in order to further investigate the degree to which sustainability is being delivered to design students.