Chatham University

Nursing Faculty and Staff

Brad Sherrod DNP, RN
Chatham Faculty

Assistant Professor

Hometown : Sims, NC

Joined Chatham : 2011

Academic Areas of Interest
Nursing Leadership & Administration, Evidence-based Practices, Quality, Service, & Process Improvement, Change Management, Patient Safety

Personal Areas of Interest
Fishing, Cooking/Grilling, Virtual Gaming

Brad Sherrod is Assistant Professor of Nursing at Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Sherrod has held various nursing leadership positions in acute care settings. Throughout Dr. Sherrod’s career, his focus has been on improving the patient experience by utilizing evidence-based practices to advance the quality of care and to develop refined services to enrich the patient experience. Dr. Sherrod has worked extensively in the area of process improvement and is certified in Lean Six Sigma. His work in the area of patient flow has lead to the development and implementation of evidence based process improvement practices to assist patients to safely and efficiently move through health systems. Most recently, Dr. Sherrod has focused his process improvement efforts on decreasing unintentional harmful patient events, such as falls and hospital acquired pressure ulcers.
DNP, Duke University (Durham, NC), 2010
MSN (Nursing Administration), University of North Carolina Greensboro (Greensboro, NC), 2003
BSN, Barton College (Wilson, NC), 1999
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