Chatham University

Master of Science in Nursing

Mission Statement

Chatham University's Nursing Programs prepare graduates, bachelor's level through the doctoral level, on campus and around the world to advance the quality, safety, and sustainability of healthcare among a diverse population while being an engaged and respectful citizen.

Program Goals

The Chatham University master’s in nursing programs assist individuals in acquiring the knowledge and skills to lead in the current and emerging healthcare fields. Students receive core knowledge based on AACN (2011) Essentials and specialized knowledge and skills in their concentration of leadership, education or information technology. Learning focuses on integrating evidence-based findings from nursing and other fields for continual improvement of nursing care. Students will gain an understanding of health policy and advocacy, and analyze and synthesize innovative approaches to complex issues in health care delivery. Students construct techniques of effective communication and collaboration with all members of the health care team. As clinical leaders they have an advanced understanding of physical assessment, pathology, pharmacology and health promotion. Chatham University nursing students will function effectively in many healthcare arenas and be prepared for further education at the doctoral level.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program the student will: