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Chatham University is excited to announce enrollment opportunities for its College Start 2011 Program, the special summer experience for students with learning differences. College Start is designed for college-bound young men and women who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities and who demonstrate the potential and motivation to succeed academically and socially in a university environment.

This year, College Start offers students three sessions, each one focusing on a specific set of academic skills necessary for college-level work. Students may choose to attend one, two, or all three sessions:

Each session of College Start integrates high-interest content with study strategies, executive skills, and metacognitive skills. In addition, College Start students have access to assistive technology as well as workshops designed to build self-advocacy and teamwork skills. All classes will take place on the beautiful Shadyside campus of Chatham University and be staffed by university personnel.


Anticipated Outcomes for College Start Participants:

Students participating in College Start may expect an increased understanding of:


Three Learning Sessions

College Start 2011 offers three learning sessions.

Session 1, Essential Skills for College Success, focuses on many of the differences between high school and college study. Topics will include:

Session 2, College Reading and Critical Thinking, focuses on strategies for understanding and applying college-level reading assignments. Topics will include:

Session 3, College Writing, focuses on college level writing skills and expectations. Topics will include:




College Start 2011 Schedule



Any one session............ $400

Any two sessions........... $750

All three sessions.......... $1,050


Contact Information

Janet K. James
Assistant Dean & Disability Services Coordinator
Chatham University
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

p. 412-365-1611
f. 412-365-1660

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