Upcoming Events

  • MyBusiness Startup

    6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    12-week program from Sep 22nd to Dec 8th held on Monday evenings. MyBusiness Startup is our entrepreneurial training program designed for women entrepreneurs in the early stages of starting their own businesses. This program includes interactive business planning class sessions, one-on-one consulting, and a one-year membership to The Center. This is a fee-based program.
  • MyBusiness Growth

    8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    Five program sessions held on Wednesdays: Oct 1 and 22, Nov 12 and Dec 3, Dec 10, 2014. MyBusiness Growth is our entrepreneurial growth program customized for women business owners looking to strategically position their businesses for growth and expansion. This program includes interactive class sessions, one-on-one consulting, and a one-year membership to The Center. Session 1 Oct 1: Business Growth Strategies – Evaluating Opportunities Session 2 Oct 22: Driving Sales – Follow the $$ Session 3 Nov 12: Marketing for Growth Session 4 Dec 3: Finances Critical to the Business Session 5 Dec 10: Leadership and Building a Strong Team. This is a fee-based program.
  • Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

    8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Startup Funding Workshop This panel session of the Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series features a discussion with local nonprofit lenders followed by individual sessions with lending representatives to talk about specific financing needs. Participating Organizations: Bridgeway Capital Southwestern PA Commission KIVA Zip Pittsburgh Allegheny County Dept M/W/DBE Allegheny County Economic Development
  • Ninth Annual Think Big Forum

    4:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    Place: Chatham University

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    Place: Chatham University Shadyside Campus

    Topic: "Women Who Make & Create"

    Speakers & Talk Descriptions:
    Georgena Terry, CEO, Heart of Steel Bicycles
    Georgena’s business evolved from a desire to work for herself without the constraints of a traditional corporate lifestyle. She likes to call herself a "seat of the pants" entrepreneur – one who follows her intuition and plays to her strengths while ignoring her weaknesses. Relying on anecdotal and scientific evidence, she created bicycles designed for women.
    Lani Lazzari, President & CEO, Simple Sugars
    The Simple Sugars’ story is about identifying a personal need that grew out of frustration with the options available to her, having the initiative to want to find something better and then the determination to make it happen! It’s not rocket science, it’s about finding an unmet need and then creating an awesome and unique product to fill it
    Heather Knight, Founder & Chief Roboticist, Marilyn Monrobot
    Assisted by her pint-sized robot comedian, Heather will describe social robotics, how we make snap decisions about the capabilities and intent of machine, and how robot designers can influence these impressions via motion. From call centers to mobile robots, we have emotional reactions to technology and apply social conventions to machines.

  • Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

    8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Speaker: Carla Castagnero Co-Founder, AgRecycle Topic: "Educating Consumers on the Value of your Business: Strategies for Growth" Carla Castagnero grew her small startup into an industry leader in composting through a long and tireless campaign of consumer education on the process and benefits of her products as well as sound business decisions and innovative manufacturing. Most people associate composting with a bin in their neighbor’s backyard, or something farmers do. Today, composting is a large scale manufacturing process producing refined, finished products that have the ability to transform the biological, chemical, and physical properties of American soil. AgRecycle is one of the oldest and most successful composting companies in the US, with clients such as the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Zoo.
  • Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

    8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Speaker: Deb Mortillaro, Partner, Dreadnought Wines Topic: "Embracing Risks, Filling a Void, Knowing When to Walk Away: the Makings of the Successful Business" The wine industry can be both risky and capricious, and Deb Mortillaro manages both well. She will talk about how to use the difficulties of any industry and turn those difficulties into opportunities for profitable business, by both examining the rules and by filling a need: even if you have to take your business in a new direction! She’ll also give straight advice about when to do it, when to walk away, and how not to be afraid of either decision.