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28th Annual Western Pennsylvania
Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium

Division of Natural and Physical Sciences
Chatham University Buhl Hall of Science
March 31, 2007
8:30Coffee & Refreshments (Buhl Atrium)
8:50WelcomeDr. Larry Viehland, Chair of the Division of Natural and Physical Sciences
Talk session I Beckwith Lecture Hall
9:00Michael Gresock
St. Vincent College
Effects of the Herbal Agents Australian Tea Tree Oil and Jamaican Nutmeg Oil and the Antimicrobials Polymyxin B and Colistin on the Cell Envelope of Escherichia coli K-12
9:15Michael Seminerio
Washington and Jefferson College
Development of Innervation in the Tergosternal Muscle of the Moth Manduca sexta Based on Physiological Activity.
9:30Jamie Long
Thiel College
The Influence of Incubation Temperature on Sex Determination in the Veiled Chameleon, Chameleo calyptratus
9:45Steven Punzell
Washington and Jefferson College
Innervation Pattern in the Ventral Diaphragm Muscle of Manduca sexta
10:00Poster Session
P1Kelly M Beatty
Washington and Jefferson College
The Effects of Tricor Monotherapy Versus Tricor Coadministered with a Research Drug On Hyperlipidemia Patients
P2Whitney Craig
Thiel College
The Role of Mannose in Urinary Tract Infections
P3Jamie L Gibbs
Waynesburg College
Land Use Types, Resources, Livelihoods and the Resulting Conversion of Kimana Swamp within the Amboseli-Tsavo Region, Kenya
P4Jessica King
Thiel College
Viability and Identification of Bacteria in the Homeostatic Soil Organisms Probiotic Formula.
P5Sarah King
Thiel College
Effects on Balance and Ambulation with the Use of Aquatic Therapy in Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy
P6Jennifer Knight
Waynesburg College
Effect of Smoking on Oral pH
P7Joseph Koch
Waynesburg College
Hybridization and Analysis of Salvia divinorum and Salvinorin
P8Joseph Laslo and Dave Grunzel
Washington & Jefferson College
Behavioral Responses of Parids and Non-Parids to Predation Rrisks: Balancing Foraging with Vigilance
P9Emily L Lensie
Washington & Jefferson College
Evidence that Mistletoe Lectin-I Induces Apoptosis in Human Cervical Cancer (HeLa) Cells in a Dose-Dependent and Time-Dependent Manner
P10Kevin McCormick and Jamie Fornsaglio
Seton Hill University
Toxicity and Mutagenesis in Wild-type and DNA Repair Deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae Following Exposure to Chemicals Utilized in Aviation.
P11Justin Nock, Amanda Watkins, Logan Weygandt
Washington & Jefferson College
A Comparison of Visible Subcutaneous Fat Reserves as Employed by Caching and Non-caching Winter-Resident Avian Species
Talk session II
11:00Lonnie Lindberg
Thiel College
Is Male Territoriality Influenced by Cover in Betta splendens?
11:15Joseph LasloEstimating White-tailed Deer Populations Using Infrared-triggered Cameras
11:30Anthony Cancro
Thiel College
Influence of Nitrogen on Root Morphology in Corn and Soybeans
12:00Lunch and Business Meeting Anderson Dining Hall
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