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Engineering FAQs

"What is the 3-2 engineering program?"
The Chatham University 3-2 engineering program enables students to enroll for three years at Chatham University, and then two years at an accredited engineering school. Chatham has established cooperative programs with Carnegie Mellon University and Pennsylvania State University. In addition, the University of Pittsburgh accepts Chatham students as transfer students into its engineering programs, under similar but less formal arrangements.

By participating in the 3-2 engineering program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree from Chatham as soon as you complete 120 credits (typically, the end of the fourth year) and a bachelor of engineering degree from the engineering school when you complete the entire program.

As a Chatham student, you are also eligible to participate in a 4-2 engineering program. This allows you to complete your Chatham University undergraduate degree in four years, and obtain a masters engineering degree in the last two years.

"How do I enroll in the 3-2 program?"
Because of the requirements necessary to enter a participating engineering program, Chatham recommends that you inform us of your interest no later than the end of your senior year in high school. We can then begin advising you immediately about how to build your Chatham academic program to best meet the requirements of one of the three engineering schools.

To gain admission to the program, a student must successfully complete the first year at Chatham University with a 3.0 grade point average.

"What does Chatham expect from me?"
With the assistance of your academic advisor, you will need to plan carefully the courses that you take each year. During your first semester, it is recommended that you enroll in Calculus I and in Physics I. By the end of your first year, you should have declared an appropriate major, such as Chemistry or Mathematics.

All of the engineering schools require that you have a 3.00 grade point average at the time that you officially apply to begin your engineering courses. (In some engineering disciplines, the minimum is higher than 3.00.)

By the end of your third year, you must complete:
• All general education requirements
• All requirements of your Chatham major, exclusive of the Senior Tutorial
• Required engineering core courses (see Chatham catalog).

"What are the specific, additional requirements for the different engineering schools?"
Carnegie Mellon University
• Students who transfer into Chatham University are not eligible.
• Six "technical elective" courses must be completed at Carnegie Mellon (by cross-registration) while at Chatham University
• Apply to CMU at the end of the second year at Chatham University.
• Letter of recommendation required from Chatham’s science division chair

Penn State University
• Depending upon the engineering discipline of interest, some specific courses must be taken while at Chatham University.
• Apply to PSU no later than February 1 of the third year at Chatham University.
• A letter of recommendation is required from Chatham’s science division chair.
• Also required are: the final high school record; two copies of the Chatham University transcript; the list of courses scheduled for the rest of the third year at Chatham, and a check sheet of the courses taken and planned at Chatham against those listed for the requested engineering program.

University of Pittsburgh
• Students should apply by January 1 of the third year at Chatham University.
• A letter of recommendation should be obtained from Chatham’s science division chair.
• All of the materials required for transfer to the University of Pittsburgh must be submitted in a timely manner (see their web site).

"What special rules govern financial aid for the 3-2 engineering program?"
Some government-provided financial aid might not be available for a fifth year of study because engineering is considered, by financial-aid regulations, to be a four-year program. Students may, however, be eligible for merit-based scholarships after they complete one year of study at the engineering school.

"What if I have more questions about the program?"
If you have questions about the 3-2 engineering program, please contact Dr. Larry Viehland, professor of chemistry and chair of Chatham's science division, at 412-365-2752. You may also email It is recommended that you review your eligibility with Dr. Viehland prior to submitting your application.

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