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As the world's first academic community built from below the ground up for the study of sustainability, Chatham's Eden Hall Campus offers an unparalleled range of opportunities to introduce sustainability-related topics to K-12 education in the Pittsburgh area.

We at the K-12 Office want to welcome you and your students to visit Eden Hall and experience its systems first-hand. Below you'll find all the resources needed to plan your trip.


Most topics have a version offered for Kindergarten-3rd grade, 4th-8th, and 9th-12th grade. Click on each topic to find a summary and extra materials fees, if applicable.

Schedule Options

Field trips are divided into smaller rotation groups depending on your group size. Rotation sessions include 1-2 activities and a tour if your students are in 4th-12th grade and have not already experienced one. The day ends with a large group debrief. Check out a sample itinerary for K-3 and 4-12. We will choose your activities for you if you do not send us your choices 2 weeks prior to your scheduled field trip.

Tying your visit to a PBL unit back at school? Tell us more about the topic and driving question behind your student projects on your field trip registration form. We will tailor the schedule to fit your project needs accordingly.

Lunch Options & Water

Groups are welcome to experience memorable dining at Eden Hall and are also welcome to bring bagged lunches. For an additional $9.00 per person, we offer family-style lunches where students sit together at tables of ten, share platters of food and then measure and dispose of food waste through a facilitated conversation. If you are interested in this opportunity, please indicate on your registration form. Groups smaller than 20 people are also welcome to purchase all-you-care-to-eat meals from the lunch line for an addition $9.00 per person.

We have a few water bottle filling areas around campus but are very limited with water fountains, so please bring reusable bottles for the day. Here is a map of all the water access points on campus. If students forget to bring a bottle, we have extras that can be used during your visit and returned before you depart campus

  • Cancellations made more than 3 business days before the scheduled field trip will not be charged for lunch.
  • Cancellations made within 3 business days of the scheduled field trip will be charged 25% of the estimated cost of lunch.
  • Cancellations made the same day of the scheduled trip will be charged 100% of the estimated cost of lunch.


I feel better equipped to educate
not just my family, but our school and
our community as well so
they scan be more sustainable.

I LOVED the connection of the sustainable practices in real life followed immediately by
hands-on activities that directly
connected them to the learning!

Excellent to see the positive impact
people can have on the planet!

I hope we'll be working together for a long time!

Well paced, well structured, engaging content.

The program is flexible in terms of adjusting the students' interests throughout the day and providing in-depth instruction
to complement existing curricula.

The staff was great with the kids. They were very knowledgeable and obviously
enthusiastic about the subject matter.


Here is a map of campus with drop-off and parking locations. We also offer a transportation scholarship for your trip

Map of Drop off location



Eden Hall Campus
6035 Ridge Road
Richland Township, PA 15044-9746


  • 2-hour campus tour: $5 per student
  • 4-5 hour hands-on visit: $15 per student for first day, $10 per student for subsequent days in same academic year
  • Do not let the fee prohibit you from bringing your students to Eden Hall. We may provide partial to full scholarships for your students. Please contact Kelly Henderson for more information.
  • All fees are waived for high school groups that are interested in including a 30 min college prep session with Chatham’s Admissions Office during your visit

What to Expect Once You've Registered

Eden Hall's K-12 Field Trip Coordinator will email you with follow-up information upon your registration, including a draft itinerary and invoice. At this time, you can make any adjustments to your registration and discuss details of any related problem-based learning projects, if applicable. For more information on projects with Eden Hall, see our Projects page.

Your final packet includes an itinerary, invoice, teacher preparation guide, and permission slips.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled field trip will not be charged.
  • Cancellations made 2-4 weeks prior to the scheduled field trip will be charged 25% of the estimated cost of the visit.
  • Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled field trip will be charged 50% of the estimated cost of the visit.
  • Same day cancellations not due to inclement weather will be charged 100% of the estimated cost of the visit.