Chatham University

Summer Shrubs

Saturday, July 28, 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eden Hall Campus, Lodge Kitchen

Cost: $65, 10% discount for Chatham Alumni!

In case you're new to shrubs, they are explained by the Slow Food Foundation's Ark of Taste in this way: Shrub is a colonial-day drink whose name is derived from the Arabic word sharab, to drink. It is a concentrated syrup made from fruit, vinegar, and sugar that is traditionally mixed with water to create a refreshing drink that is simultaneously tart and sweet." Shrubs range from the sweet to the savory and sour. Enjoying them can be as simple as adding a splash to still or sparkling water, or as complex as including them in a multi-ingredient cocktail, mocktail, or even salad dressing. They can adapt to seasonal ingredients and flavors available year round. Flavors can range from strawberry to watermelon lime to tomato basil, to red beet and peppercorn, but your imagination is really the only limit. Your instructor once enjoyed serving a cranberry sauce shrub with Thanksgiving dinner! In this workshop, we'll sample a variety of shrubs, experiment with making our own, share tips on how to use them, and share some historical shrub recipes. You'll leave the workshop with some finished shrubs as well as some shrubs you will start in class and finish at home. You'll also leave with a thorough understanding of what a shrub is and the confidence to make, enjoy, and share them at home.

Instructor: Katie Walker

Katie is a California native transplanted in Pittsburgh. Passionate about supporting strong regional food systems for the betterment of producers, processors, eaters, and everyone in between. Her interest in fermentation was sparked while living in Japan 09-11, and has been bubbling ever since, cultivated through workshops with Happy Girl Pickle Co. in San Francisco, CA, studying fermentation while at Chatham University, and years of home fermenting. Currently, Katie's day job is procuring food for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. She spends her free time playing in her kitchen, gardening, climbing, and hiking. She holds bachelors degrees in Anthropology and American Studies from California State University, Chico and a Masters of Arts degree in Food Studies from Chatham University. NOTE: If you'd like to pay for this event with cash or check, please e-mail or call 412-365-1118

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