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Parenting a College Student

Advice for College Parents

  1. Trust that you have done a good job raising your children and that the values and skills that you have instilled in them so far will continue to serve them well as they enter adulthood.
  2. Remember yourself as an 18–year–old and think back on the joy you felt when you did something new on your own for the first time. Yes, mistakes will be made and they are some of the best teachers that young adults will ever have. Your reassurance that they can achieve their goals, even when they make mistakes, is very important to them.
  3. This is a time of new beginnings for everyone so take advantage of the extra time you may find yourself with to start or restart your own college career, travel or find a new hobby. After all, why should your student have all the fun?

Your student will go through several changes during their years in college, and it can be hard to gauge how they are feeling at certain times of the year. Studies have shown typical mood changes and stress levels to occur most obviously during midterm and final exams, but also at certain points when students are maturing and becoming more resilient. We have compiled resource and tips for what to expect and how to react at during these times.

+ Beginning College

+ Midterms

+ Finals

+ Sophomore Slump

+ Anticipating Graduation

+ Suggested Reading for Parents and family members of college students