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Messages from Reunion Ambassadors

"Hello treasured women from the class of 1960! I was asked to be an Ambassador for our class and as I considered everything, I said Yes! Yes to Chatham! Yes to all the wonderful women in my class! Yes to this turbulent energized epoch which wasn't what many of us expected at all! Chatham has changed just as we have changed. But what hasn't changed is the importance of giving. Give generously today. Give to honor our remarkable class. Give for all we received from Chatham, dear Chatham. Give for the students of our future."

- Janet Heller Howell, Class of 1960

"I give to Chatham because Chatham has been an important part of my personal growth and development. I came to Chatham in 1971 as a smart, but unpolished, seventeen year old from an unremarkable high school in a small coal-mining community that had already seen its best days. Chatham opened up a world of possibilities for me. Chatham did make me "world ready" and I would like others to benefit from a similar educational experience."

- Janice Cederstrom Ciampa, Class of 1975

"I have donated to Chatham College in honor of our 50th reunion because my four years at Chatham were so instrumental in developing this person known as Mary Krein Howarth. While my classes, experiences, and concerns were much different than the ones of the students of 2015, I am still confident that both Chatham College and Chatham University will be as important in the future of these women...and men."

- Mary Howarth, Class of 1965