Annual Fund Leadership Committee

The Annual Fund Leadership Committee is a volunteer group of up to 16 Chatham alumni leaders charged with helping foster a culture of giving within the Chatham community. Members support the Annual Fund in the following ways:

  • Making their own gift to Chatham at either the 1869 Society level (for graduates of the classes of 2001 and earlier) or the Purple Ribbon Society level (for graduates of the classes of 2002 and later).
  • Encouraging selected classmates to give at the 1869 Society level or the Purple Ribbon Society level through letters, phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits.
  • Participating in committee conference calls every other month to offer advice and counsel to Annual Fund staff and stay up-to-date on Annual Fund progress.
  • Helping grow Chatham’s Annual Fund class agent ranks by recommending and recruiting alumni with enthusiasm for Chatham and a willingness to encourage giving participation from their classmates.
  • Participate in alumni events and gatherings as an ambassador for the Chatham experience.

There are currently 12 AFLC members:

Pamela J. Bradley '70 Marianne Byrn Kipper Ph.D. '61
Lynn S. Brown '69 Amy E. Loveridge '03
Marty H. Carson '62 Christine McClure '73
Suzanne Fritch Clewell Ph.D. '64 Jane Murphy Ph.D. '68
Heidi B. Fenton '80 Alexa New '08
Cordelia Suran Jacobs '60 Nancy Waichler '55

If you would like more information regarding serving on the Annual Fund Leadership Committee, please contact Dana DePasquale at 412-365-2734 or