Chatham University

Why Give? →

Making a Reunion Gift is a special way to honor the cherished memories that your Chatham education made possible. Your Reunion gift is a way to work together to make the University even stronger for the students today and tomorrow. These are just a few ways your Reunion Gift can help us maintain our excellence and advance as one of the leading private institutions nation-wide…

  1. Support and enrich student's education and experience
    Giving back to Chatham is a great way to support university stature. When you give back to Chatham, the donations go towards research, scholarships, and new facilities, making Chatham a better place for all! Additionally 98% of Chatham undergraduate students receive financial aid. If you believe in the Chatham education and want to give others the same opportunity to reap those rewards, give in support of the next generation of students and alumni.
  2. Increase Chatham's ranking in U.S. News & World Report
    Did you know U.S. News and World Report ranks universities by not only how many dollars are donated to each institution, but by the actual number of donating alumni? The more donors that give to Chatham, the higher it ranks, optimizing the value of your own degree! Your giving back will affect how employers, graduate schools and others see Chatham, expanding and enriching the Chatham reputation.
  3. Make history
    Make a donation in memory or honor of someone special to Chatham's history and future. Or vow that as a class you will surpass the highest participation rate record of Reunion Class Gifts!
  4. Thank you
    School is where your story starts. If you believe that your Chatham education and experience led you to a portion of your success in your career, family life, further academic opportunities, and even to your own personal growth, why not give back out of gratitude?

A gift to any area of Chatham University counts towards your class totals. The cumulative effects of gifts both large and small really can make a difference. It happens here at Chatham every day.