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Life Income Gifts

Planning your financial future and Chatham's

Life income gifts, such as annuities and trusts, allow you to provide income to yourself or others for life while making a generous gift to Chatham.

The most popular life income gift is the charitable gift annuity, due to the relative ease of establishing this type of gift. A gift annuity consists of a simple contract between the donor and the University, and can be funded with cash, securities or real estate. The annuity rate is determined by the age of the annuitant or annuitants, and whether or not the payments are deferred.

You also may make a life income gift to Chatham through the establishment of a trust. A trust is created by irrevocably transferring securities such as stocks or bonds, money or other property to a trustee. The trustee may be the University, a bank, another institution or you. The trustee manages the investment of the trust assets and pays an income to you, your designated beneficiaries, or both. The income payments continue for the beneficiary's life or, in some cases, for a term of up to 20 years. Thereafter, the remaining principal goes to Chatham to support the educational program of your choosing, in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor.

Learn more about life income gifts by contacting Erin Longchari, Director of Major Gifts, at 412-365-1652 or