Chatham Information Technology Services (ITS)


Here are a variety of ITS resources available to help you get started.

Technology TutorialsTechnology Tutorials
This is a list of general ITS documentation all of the major technologies supported at Chatham.

Video TutorialsVideo Tutorials
ITS provides video tutorials on many of our supported technologies. Please visit this link for how-to videos.

ITS subscribes to Hoonuit, which offers video software tutorials on over 250 applications including Microsoft and Adobe products, Moodle, SPSS, Prezi, and much more.

ITS Documents & FormsITS Documents & Forms on my.Chatham
ITS offers many internal documentation to faculty and students on my.Chatham. Policies, how-to documentation and more can be found here.

ITS TwitterTwitter
Follow ITS (aka “Charlie Cheetah”) on Twitter for the latest updates, tips and information from the Information Technology Department.