Chatham University

Media Arts Senior Tutorial

In addition to courses and internships, students have the opportunity to conduct research in the fine arts through the Senior Tutorial. The capstone of a Chatham education, this two semester independent research/portfolio project is conducted in collaboration with a faculty member during the senior year. Chatham is one of the few universities across the country that offers such an independent and student-driven program.

Recent Gallery Installations as part of Media Arts tutorials include:

A War of Position: Pittsburgh Steel and Deindustrialization
– Codie McGeever

Empty Homes and Unsafe Milk: An Introspection of Consumer Culture
– Maureen Fechik

Trace Memory: Lost Time and Orange Blossoms
– Patricia Tsagaris

Detritus: Waste of War
– Joyce Wagner

Urban Renewal: East Liberty's Gentrification
– Darleen Fields

Women's Bodies: Whose Intellectual Property?
– Emily Haldeman

Mind, Matter, and a Funeral
– Mara Nappi

Urban Gardening in Pittsburgh
– Anne DeFazio

Bicycling in Pittsburgh: A Cycle of Change
– Lauren DePaulo

Other Men: The [In]Visibility of Transgender Men
– Ebba Schmid

Off the Main Road
– Hannah Edelstein

Hiding Power with Transparency: Hegemonic Refractions of the World Wide Web
– Antonia Harrison