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Chatham University

Senior Tutorial

Chatham University Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts

In addition to courses and internships, students have the opportunity to conduct research in the fine arts through the Senior Tutorial. The capstone of a Chatham education, this year-long independent research and portfolio project is conducted in collaboration with a faculty member during the senior year. Chatham is one of the few universities across the country that offers such an independent and student-driven program.

Recent Gallery Installations as part of Visual Arts tutorials include:

A War of Position: Pittsburgh Steel and Deindustrialization
– Codie McGeever

Empty Homes and Unsafe Milk: An Introspection of Consumer Culture
– Maureen Fechik

Trace Memory: Lost Time and Orange Blossoms
– Patricia Tsagaris

Detritus: Waste of War
– Joyce Wagner

Urban Renewal: East Liberty's Gentrification
– Darleen Fields

Women's Bodies: Whose Intellectual Property?
– Emily Haldeman

Mind, Matter, and a Funeral
– Mara Nappi

Urban Gardening in Pittsburgh
– Anne DeFazio

Bicycling in Pittsburgh: A Cycle of Change
– Lauren DePaulo

Other Men: The [In]Visibility of Transgender Men
– Ebba Schmid

Off the Main Road
– Hannah Edelstein

Hiding Power with Transparency: Hegemonic Refractions of the World Wide Web
– Antonia Harrison