by Onastasia Youssef

In April of 1991 in San Francisco, California—
      cartoon poster and ticket stubs.
                                        That floor’s a mess! Clean it.

                         The wheels on the bus…
Look at this drawing, Mom!
         IDIOT!—slap—don’t have time for
Black and white black and white black white black white keys

            Oh no! The truck is falling off the cliff! Look out, Barb
—no kitty, don’t eat her hair.

Too hot. How much farther? How much longer?

They burn my eyes. Gosh! A scrape, look at it. Band-Aid?

     brake, no brake!
Stupid bike.

First canvas.
       Look, Mom! A+ on my Cleopatra paper. Mom…?

When I grow up: singer, president, TV host, waitress…

         The brush is stuck in her hair.
    $80 dollars for that one.
    Prettier with blue eyes, though.

                             Too stupid to go to high school.

I’m gonna stay in bed today…

       That… bitch. Don’t say that til you’re forty.

                                                    There’s a scrub checkin’ me…
Never falling in love. Poems, poems, poems…
             hate romance!

                               Think about college!

Same door, same face, same yard, same place. How long?
How far?


                    Not a soul in sight, city’s lookin’ like …

“Hi, my name is…”


I’ve got them moves like Jagger, I’ve got them mooo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooves…

             It’s my first time on the job, but I can be a great—
Add it to the address book.
     Just ignore her.
       Text me!

 You sound just like her…

But it’s dark out! I don’t wanna get shot—Ma, are you there?
         Scrub plates, read chapter…

           You find out who your friends are.

           better than that, honey.
Not smart enough.

Vacant stares.
       ….. answer the damn phone.
The lights go on.
     ……… pick up!

So briiiiiing—meeee—two

… was found dead on Braddock this morning.