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At Chatham, we know that a focus on innovation and research is our future. But that's not stopping us from getting started today. Each day, we're thinking of - and integrating - academic opportunities that will give Chatham students an advantage in the world. Innovative approaches that allow students to achieve more during their time at Chatham and be set up for success after. Whether it's through our accelerated graduate programs, self-designed majors, senior tutorial projects, diverse work-study opportunities, or the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, Chatham's unique offerings allow students to acquire their education on their own terms, following their own passions, and within their own means.

Complimenting our academic innovation is the impact Chatham's students and faculty are making in their research activities. At our new Eden Hall Campus, research won't just be conducted; it'll be lived, experienced, and integrated into our daily activities, constantly pushing our knowledge bases and opening up new avenues for innovation. Innovation and research are more than Chatham's future; it's our right now.

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Chatham University's Board of Trustees Approves Academic Reorganization and Admission of Men at the Undergraduate Level Beginning Fall 2015

New Chatham University Women's Institute To Be Established With $8.5 Million Dollars In Funding

Chatham University Women's Institute

Chatham University's Board of Trustees voted today in approval of a resolution that will set in motion a three-part transformation to open Chatham's high-quality undergraduate education to more students, enhance the University's ability to meet the educational needs of its students and the region for the future, and honor our 145-year commitment to advancing the causes of women.

The resolution, in part, states:

The Board of Trustees hereby approves: (1) the reorganization of Chatham University by academic units within vertically integrated Colleges and Schools; (2) the implementation of coeducation within all Chatham University Colleges and Schools; and (3) alongside the commitment to each student who will attend Chatham University, the creation of structures and programs to preserve Chatham University's commitment to women's education and leadership. Read more.


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