Chatham University

Master of Professional Writing (MPW) Learning Outcomes

  • Professional Writing—Students have the basic knowledge of the basic elements of the genre in which they are writing and are able to read with some degree of sophistication within the genre
  • Genres and Media—Students have knowledge of the context and recent history of the genre and medium in which they are writing.
  • Critical Insights—Students are able to read and respond effectively to other students’ work in the workshop situation.
  • Critical Perspectives—Students have a sense of why they write the way they do, and what they want to accomplish within their works.
  • Professional Skills—Students are able to comfortably and effectively present and read their work in classroom setting.
  • Information Literacy—Students are able to locate and define their own theoretical position in relation to sources.

Web Content Development Concentration Program Outcomes

After completing the MPW Web Content Development concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Knowledgeably discuss the evolution from old to new media, including Web 2.0 and social media concepts, and the impact of those on communication
  • Identify and analyze an audience, incorporating the notions of community and collaboration
  • Consider the essential parts of web structure through wireframes and storyboards and retrievability
  • Assess the effectiveness and usability of user interface design
  • Understand the impact of visual design and interactions on the overall user experience
  • Architect large amounts of information, ensuring it is well-organized, user-friendly, findable, and employs modern methods of classification
  • Build a conceptual framework for analyzing new applications in the constantly evolving realm of digital media
  • Develop Web applications, focused on clean, effective content and design
  • Apply methods and concepts of communication appropriate to the different applications of web content