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Chatham University’s water polo team ranked first in academic achievement in ACWPA

By: Amanda Kennedy, Senior Public Relations Specialist
July 8, 2010

PITTSBURGH (July 8, 2010) . . . The Chatham University women’s water polo team ranked first in academic achievement in the overall cumulative GPA for all of the Women’s Water Polo teams in the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches (ACWPA). In total, eight water polo team members were honored by the ACWPA for their academic achievements.

Five Chatham students were leading academic standouts for the Cougars: junior Chelsea Mummert of York, Pa., who is majoring in occupational therapy; senior, Jenna Luek of Harmony, Pa., who is majoring in chemistry; sophomore, Elizabeth Morris of Verona, Pa., who is majoring in global policy; sophomore Allison Bodine of Frederick, Pa., who is majoring in film and digital technologies; and junior Paige Dunlap of Greenwood, Indiana, who is majoring in public policy. All were classified in the Outstanding Class Ranking with GPAs between 3.71 and 4.00.

The Cougars also had one player, sophomore Nathalie Burford of Temeculah, Ca., who placed in the Superior Class Ranking with a GPA between 3.41 and 3.70, and two players, first-year Sachelle Taylor of Brooklyn, NY, and sophomore Annelies Layton of Pittsburgh, Pa. , who placed in the Excellent Class Ranking with GPAs between 3.20 and 3.40.

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