Chatham News

A message from Dr. Barazzone regarding the tragedy in Japan

By: Esther L. Barazzone, Ph.D., President
March 14, 2011

Dear friends,

The Chatham University community is saddened by the devastation and suffering caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered during this tragedy.

As students returned to campus following spring break, Student Affairs staff has been reaching out to all of the Japanese students studying at Chatham. We have not yet managed to reach all of them, but it appears initially that none of them are from the areas impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. If you are a student from Japan and have not yet been contacted by a Chatham staff member, please call the Student Affairs office (365-1286) or the International Programs office (365-2714) to let them know that you are okay.

We are also concerned about the many Japanese students who have studied here in recent years and are already back in Japan (e.g., students from the Kobe program). A number of you have written to express concern for Japanese students you have befriended in recent years. As one student wrote me earlier today, “I sincerely hope that Chatham has been able to keep in touch with the students from Japan who came to our school in Fall 2010. My sincerest prayers and blessings go out to them during these tragic times.” I can assure her and you that Chatham will reach out to those who have studied here in recent years to express our concern and support. I encourage each of you to do so as well.

As one would expect, Chatham’s Japanese students are terribly concerned for their family, friends and fellow citizens back home. A number of them have expressed interest in raising funds to support relief efforts in Japan. Our Student Affairs staff will keep the campus community informed as those efforts progress. Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Affairs office at the number above if you are interested in getting involved.

In the meantime, I hope you will reach out to your friends, colleagues and fellow students from Japan to show your support at this difficult time.

Esther B.