Chatham University

The Old Grey Muzzle Tour

Thursday, March 27, 2014
11:30 AM
Beckwith Hall
Fee: Free

“Scientific Discovery in a World of Words: Lessons Learned from The Old Grey Muzzle Tour”

David Waters, Professor of Oncology, College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University

The Old Grey Muzzle Tour 2014 is a 50-day, cross-country trek by Dr. Waters to gain new insights into aging by studying 17 of the oldest living Rottweilers in the United States in their homes to gain new insights into aging and cancer avoidance. His expedition is championing a new paradigm in biogerontology research. Aside from showcasing his research, this lecture aims to show how our use of language can limit the scientific method, thereby situating the development of expertise in “languaging” at the very core of preparing tomorrow’s imagino-analytical leaders.

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Dr. Waters's TED talk on the OGM Tour

Registration and Directions

Fee : Free
Location : Beckwith Hall

Event Contact Information

Dr. Andres Carrillo
(412) 365-1166