Chatham University


Education Committee

This committee would be in charge of creating and notifying members of continuing education opportunities. Committee members may be asked to create educational sessions in their areas of expertise, create webinars, and maintain a current list for CEU's.

Governance Committee

To oversee bylaws compliance, make recommendations for bylaws changes, and oversee member and chapter eligibility issues.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Recommend appropriate bylaws amendments.
  2. Make recommendations regarding the need for oversight of chapter bylaw compliance and possible methods for providing any recommended oversight.
  3. Make recommendations regarding the "professional leadership potential" qualification for membership in the bylaws and its assessment for student candidates for membership.
  4. Oversee process of reviewing applications for chapter charter and charter amendment.
  5. Conduct an ongoing evaluation of the success of chapters chartered under more flexible chartering parameters or a charter amended under expedited pilot procedures.
  6. Review applications for honorary membership and make recommendations.
  7. Develop and implement a plan to evaluate both the success of a virtual honor society/chapter (if chartered) and its impact on chapters and the entire society.
  8. Propose strategies to facilitate the transition of the virtual honor society/chapter (if chartered) from a headquarters supported initiative to an independent entity.
  9. Recommend procedures for expansion of the virtual chapter concept and the potential development of additional virtual chapters.
  10. Develop resources to support traditional chapters in expanding their use of virtual applications.

Induction Committee

This committee would be in charge of the Nursing Honor Society's induction ceremony for new members. Committee members may be asked to assist with selection of new members, arranging the ceremony, recruiting a guest speaker, and creating a frequently asked questions resource.

Leadership Succession Committee

The Leadership Succession Committee shall develop members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers, mentor members to assume organizational board and officer positions at all levels of organizations. The committee shall select nominees and prepare the biennial ballot. The ballot will be sent to the Board of Directors of Sigma Theta Tau International at least two (2) months prior to the biennial meeting and to the chapters at least one (1) month prior to this meeting.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Vet nominees and present a ballot for the 2011-2013 Board of Directors and elected committees that reflects diversity of membership and choice for each position.
  2. Develop and mentor members for leadership positions at all levels of the organization.
  3. Prepare membership materials to elicit nominations.
  4. Review and revise campaign procedures.
  5. Monitor candidate campaigns.
  6. Serve as a resource for members during the biennium.
  7. Develop a structured leadership succession plan to ensure a robust pool of potential candidates reflective of global representation.

Scholarship Committee

This committee would be in charge of multiple facets of scholarship including: assisting with writing, publishing, and creating poster presentations. Committee members may be asked to do a presentation or work one-on-one with other members on individual projects. Committee would also maintain records of member's scholarship.

Technology Committee

This committee would be in charge of the technology involved in the chapter, including web development and maintenance. Committee members may be asked to create web pages, maintain web pages, assist other chapter members with the use of technology, and to give presentations on technology.

Networking Committee

This committee would be in charge of maintaining the social aspects of the chapter, including communication and member information. Committee members may be asked to create and maintain a member directory, create and maintain a news forum, and disseminate information as needed.