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Thank you for visiting the Chatham University Nursing Honor Society’s virtual poster session. We hope you enjoy and engage in active discussions as you review the posters presented below. In order to assist us with future programs, we ask that you leave us a few comments that address the following three questions and also ask that you participate in active discussions for each poster you view:

We appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, The NHS Board Members

Improved Access to Psychiatric Care: A Collaborative Practice Model

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Improved Access to Psyhiatric Care poster

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  1. Bambi Carkey DNP,PMHNP,NPP says:

    Good evening all, What a wonderful idea to have a “virtual poster session”!
    My poster “Improved Access to Psychiatric Care: A Collaborative Practice Model”, was the focus of my Capstone project. The clinical question came out of discussions with my primary care colleagues who were having difficulty getting timely referrals for their psychiatric patients. The research shows that barriers to access to psychiatric care are: limited psychiatric referral sources, stigmatization of psychiatric illness, and burden on primary care providers(PCPs)to provide psychiatric care for which they do not feel equipped. The purpose od my Capstone was to design an EBP change strategy that would improve access to psychiatric care by a collaborative care model in which a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner would be on-site in the primary practice site to provide psychiatric services. The outcome of my capstone was favorable, as evidence by the results. I hope you enjoy this poster presentation. I will be out of the country on a medical mission from 1/26-2/3. I will have limited internet access, but will try to check in. Dr. Wolf has graciously said that she will check in for me in the event of my absence.
    Bambi Carkey DNP,PMHNP-BC,NPP

    • Beth says:

      Thank your for doing and sharing this important work. While the outcomes certainly showed improvement in rates and effectiveness of the evidence-based practice change, it is interesting that limited access persists and for so many different reasons. I hope you have continued to follow this model and access rates continue to improve. There has been recent attention on mental health services as a result of several negative events. While we don’t want all mental health/illness to be associated with the extreme behaviors exhibited by a few individuals, anything that helps shed light on the need for access and services would be beneficial. Translating that attention to the actual delivery of services would be ideal.

      • Bambi Carkey says:

        Beth, Thank you so much for your comments. I am sorry I could not respond sooner, but I was out of the country abd did not have reliable internet capability. Indeed we need to focus not only on improving access to psychiatric care, but also screening and prevention! Thanks again! Bambi

  2. Kathleen says:


    Your project is near and dear to my heart as a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist. Through Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic, I provided mental health services in a primary care office for three physicians some years ago. It decreases stigma, not only with patients and families, but also office staff and providers! With all of the news on mental illness today, your project offers a positive approach to offering much needed psychiatric assessment and care in the ‘medical home’ of the patient. This increases the communication among PCP, patient, and mental health provider. Great work! Please continue to disseminate your findings!


    • Bambi Carkey says:

      Kathleen, Thank you so much for your positive comments. Indeed, providing a psychiatric presence in a primary care facility has a positive impact on all involved! Something so needed in our troubled times! I am presenting my EBP practice change project at a number of meetings. The one I am most humbled and excited about is that I have been invited to present at an EBP conference (here in Syracuse) where Bernadette Melnyk is the keynote speaker. Thanks again! Bambi

  3. Julie Slade says:


    Great project and poster! As Kathleen stated, this is a timely topic and reducing stigma can truly help those that need mental healthcare. I’m excited that you are disseminating your findings. Your project can help many people in many areas!

  4. Michelle Doas says:

    Hi Bambi,
    Hoping you are having a productive and safe mission. Your continual effort to assist vulnerable populations is commendable. Additionally, your capstone/poster topic is certainly valid given the increase in both patient population and non-compliance. Thank you for caring for this most vulnerable/deserving population. Additionally, thank you for sharing your work.

    • Bambi Carkey says:

      Dr. Doas, Thank you so much for your kind words of support. I got home from the mission late last night. Wonderful and successful trip! Thanks!

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