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Thank you for visiting the Chatham University Nursing Honor Society’s virtual poster session. We hope you enjoy and engage in active discussions as you review the posters presented below. In order to assist us with future programs, we ask that you leave us a few comments that address the following three questions and also ask that you participate in active discussions for each poster you view:

We appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, The NHS Board Members

Improving the Diabetes Knowledge in Nurses Using Innovative Tools: An Evidence-Based Practice Change

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Improving the Diabetes Knowledge in Nurses Using Innovative Tools: An Evidence-Based Practice Change poster

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  1. Sue Sterrett says:

    Hi Kim! Thanks for allowing us to view your poster and learn about the conversation map tool. I reviewed your poster and then went to this site:
    And found the tool. I will let my 706 students know about the poster session as well as discussing use of tools like these in communication. My time on this poster was 15 minutes.

    • Kimberly Carney says:

      Dr. Sterrett,

      Thank you for your comments. I hope the website was helpful to you. The Diabetes Go to Guide is also a great resource online for both patients and health care professionals.

  2. Nancy Leighton Robinson says:

    This is a very pertinent topic as the incidence of diabetes is escalating in this country. I am the director of diabetes education for my hospital and I can relate to your findings. I plan to obtain more information on the road map you described and evaluate how I can implement it in our facility. Thank you for bringing the issues of diabetes education for nurses to the forefront. Nancy

  3. Kathleen says:


    What a great project that is much needed in the clinical settings and in the community! I would like to find out more about the educational tools you used in your educational intervention. Your findings support the literature that innovative educational tools promote learning. We all learned about diabetes in nursing school but to retain the knowledge and retrieve it as needed is more challenging. Innovative learning tools peak the learner’s interest and assist in motivation to retain and share this knowledge.

    congratulations on your successful project and outcomes!

    • Kimberly Carney says:


      Thank you for taking the time to review and comment on learning and the association with innovative educational tools. Dr. Sterrett found the website for the Conversation maps and the Diabetes Go to Guide can also be googled. I can provide you with additional references, please contact me at or

  4. Diane Hunker says:

    This was a well-designed,informative poster on an important topic. The participant population of the nation’s veterans is crucial and provided a relevant sample. Being very familiar with Kim’s project and outcomes, I have no questions. Thank you for submitting to the NHS!!

  5. Julie Slade says:


    Great poster on an important topic. The subject matter is relatable and timely. I hope you have continued success with your efforts.

    • Kimberly Carney says:

      Dr. Slade,
      Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. I will be at the annual ANA Quality Conference next week to present this poster and then off to the annual and national EBP Conference in Iowa the first week in April 2013 for a paper presentation on the same topic. I hope to also present at the American Association of Diabetes Educators annual conference this year in August,, 2013.

      • Beth says:

        Congratulations! I am happy to hear you are taking the next steps with dissemination of your work. This is what advances the discipline of nursing. Be sure to consider publication in a peer reviewed journal. This is a very important topic and the clinical implications are numerous.

  6. Cindy says:

    I spent 15 minutes reading your poster. I found it very appealing graphically – nice layout and flow. The information is very relevant for clinical practice as poorly managed diabetes contributes to so many complications. Only suggestion for future projects would be to include the link to the Diabetes conversation map/go to guide or some brief description about the resource so the viewer can access it more readily.

  7. Michelle Doas says:

    Thank you for a most informative topic and professional presentation.

  8. Joelle says:

    Hi Kim,

    Thank-you for sharing your important work. I was very fortunate to share the DNP journey with you as you designed and implemented this important evidence-based practice change that will positively impact the health of our countries veterans. Best wishes as you disseminate your poster in 2013.


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