Chatham University

Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT)

Fast-track to Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD)

MOT students who want to expand their opportunities and increase their earning potential can take advantage of Chatham's Fast-track to OTD (Doctorate in Occupational Therapy) program.

This program consists of two parts that save students time and money while gaining valuable experience:

  1. Students can apply during their fourth term, and, if accepted, enroll in the following two online OTD courses at no charge during their fifth and sixth terms:

    • OTD 760: Leadership and Professionalism

    • OTD 752: Education Theory and Technology

  2. Then, while working as occupational therapists, students complete only 21 additional credits of our fully online OTD curriculum. Students must be actively engaged in the OTD program within three years of completing the MOT degree.

MOT to OTD Course Sequence

Note: In order to start the OTD program, you must have at least four months of employment in an OT setting by the start of the spring term

  MOT Courses OTD Courses Notes
Last Spring
Level II
OTD 760 (3)
  • No tuition
  • Course runs late February to April
  • No need to attend onsite
Last Summer
Level II
OTD 752 (3)
  • No tuition
  • Course runs early May to mid-July
  • Student is taking registration exam and seeking employment
  • Student will be assigned an OTD alumni mentor and be added to the OTD Facebook Group
1st Spring
  OTD 741 (3)
OTD 766 (3)
  • This is the beginning of the Capstone Sequence, which is based upon current work setting
  OTD 751 (3)
OTD 750 (3)
  OTD 761 (1)
  • Financial aid is not available this term because student is only taking one credit
2nd Spring
  OTD 740 (3)
OTD 772 (5)

Please contact MJ Wrobleski at 412-365-1394 or for questions about this track.