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Student Organizations at Chatham

Mary Whitney

Mary Whitney has spent the last decade in environmental education, working primarily with citizens, teachers and their students. As sustainability coordinator for Chatham's campuses, she leads collaboration on sustainability practices at the university, works to help Chatham meet its carbon neutrality goals, and teaches environmental studies and civic engagement. Ms. Whitney is one of the founders of GEM, the Green Education movement, a professional support and education organization for environmental education practitioners in Pittsburgh. She is a PhD candidate at Prescott College, has a Master of Public Policy and Management from the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, and is a graduate of Chatham College for Women at Chatham University.


Student Organizations at Chatham

Ann Payne

Ann Payne is the graduate Communications Assistant for the Office of Sustainability. The Louisiana-native received her BA in Journalism/Public Relations from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with minors in Studio Art, Music Performance, and Museum Studies. Ann is currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainability at Chatham University. As a pioneering member of the program, she is working to develop visual communication techniques to promote sustainability values.


Student Organizations at Chatham

Kara Nelms

Kara Nelms is the graduate Project Assistant for the Office of Sustainability. Kara received her BA in Psychology from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. Kara is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology at Chatham University. Her interests in psychology include eating patterns and behaviors, environmental psychology and career counseling.


Student Organizations at Chatham

Brandon Crumsey

Brandon Crumsey is the graduate Project Assistant for the Office of Sustainability where he assists with climate audits and energy efficiency projects. Brandon received his BA in Plant Science from Fort Valley State University, in Fort Valley, GA, with a concentration in Biotechnology. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainability at Chatham University with plans to become a sustainability coordinator after he graduates. His interests in sustainability include sustainable building and design and urban agriculture.


Student Organizations at Chatham

Lyndy Palmer

Lyndy Palmer is the current Chatham University Bike Mechanic and avid "environminimalist," for "less consumerism, more sustainability". She affectionately calls her 1984 Peugeot roadster "Pidgeot", as its light weight frame "is the only way to fly". Originally from Florida, Lyndy is a communications major at Chatham with a strong desire to travel and translate across professional and cultural barriers. She participates in the Climate Committee board meetings to push sustainable ideas on campus and is also the sketch artist for the Sprout Fund GurlBike Bike Repair manual, feminizing hard tech terms.