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Why do students need a job shadowing experience?

The Chatham University Job Shadowing Program offers students an opportunity to observe and engage in learning through visitation and observation with a professional in the workplace for short periods of time. This brief time investment has far-reaching benefits that may result in career changes, internships, or employment.

The reasons for job shadowing are as numerous as the students who seek the opportunity. Students who recognize professional goals early make better decisions in academic and career planning. Job Shadowing provides a short term, early opportunity for student to preview, observe and interact with professionals at work. Students are encouraged to undertake multiple experiences to compare and learn about field-related opportunities and environments.

Students gain the ability to:

  • Improve decision making for academic planning
  • Assess and clarify timeline for professional goals
  • Cultivate a competitive edge
  • View policies and procedures in action
  • Network for internship and employment
  • Build Co-Curricular transcripts

What are the program details?

Specific to majors, appealing to interests, and bridging the classroom to the workplace, Job Shadowing is self directed. However, each student has the opportunity to work closely with the Coordinator of Experiential Learning Opportunities, Crystal Vietmeier to develop new sites, author a “Statement of Purpose” and develop questions for the professional they are planning to observe. Students, Faculty Supervisors, and Site Supervisors sign a Job Shadowing Learning Agreement before the scheduled visit. Each student will use a Field Notes Form to capture pertinent information about the experience, including a written reflection on the effects of the experience on the student’s future planning. While the experience is not credit-bearing, students can add the experience/s to their Co-Curricular Transcripts on and the submission will be approved through Student Affairs.

The Job Shadowing Program is available to all undergraduate and graduate level students from the first term after entry to Chatham. All documents and forms can be found by students on the Chatham Intranet at go to Documents/Forms and click on “Career Development” to access forms. Please note that international students must secure permission from the Office of International Programs to participate in the program.

Faculty and staff with questions about the job shadowing program and students who wish to undertake a job shadowing experience should contact Crystal Vietmeier, Coordinator of Experiential Learning Opportunities at or 412-365-1525.