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Why should I do an internship?

You should do an internship because internships are a great way to learn through experience, to clarify your career goals, to develop a good relationship with a faculty supervisor who may eventually serve as a reference for you, to strengthen your resume, to develop connections with professionals in your area of interest, to build on your classroom learning, and to develop strong work habits.

Did you know?

  • Every Chatham undergraduate is required to earn at least 3 academic credits through an internship.
  • Some majors require students to earn more than 3 academic credits through an internship related to their major.
  • Employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience, and over half of those surveyed said that they prefer that the experience comes from an internship or co-op experience (NACE Research: Job Outlook 2012).
  • You’ll do substantive work in your internship – clerical and administrative tasks can account for no more than 15% of your time.
  • You determine the time commitment you wish to make to your internship by selecting the number of credits you wish to earn – 1 credit requires 40 hours of work over the course of the semester.

I want to do an internship!

Here are your next steps:

  1. Figure out what internship experience would best meets your goals and interests by speaking with your faculty advisor.
  2. Review internship postings on NACElink and at The Regional Internship Center.
  3. Contact Crystal Vietmeier at for help in evaluating various internship opportunities and with the application process (cover letter, resume, interview preparation).
  4. Complete your Electronic Internship Learning Agreement after meeting with Crystal Vietmeier, Assistant Director of Career Development - Internships and Experiential Learning –, Room 309B, JKM Library. Your Electronic Internship Learning Agreement must be completed before you begin your internship.

Keep in Mind

  • You must register your internship course and can do so on-line – the deadline for registering is the drop/add deadline for the semester in which you plan to do your internship.
  • You must have a faculty supervisor for your internship whose role is to help you develop learning objectives and an academic project related to your internship - your faculty supervisor will give you a grade for the course. Your faculty supervisor must sign your Electronic Internship Learning Agreement.
  • You must have a site supervisor at your internship site whose role is to assign work that aids you in fulfilling the agreed upon learning objectives and in completing your academic project – your site supervisor will submit an evaluation of your performance that will be considered by your faculty supervisor in assigning you a grade for the course. Your site supervisor must sign your Electronic Internship Learning Agreement.

To learn about other requirements of the Internship Program and for answers to your questions or concerns, contact:

Crystal Vietmeier
Assistant Director of Career Development - Internships and Experiential Learning
Room 309B, JKM Library