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IMGALTTAG Curriculum Units

The Pittsburgh Teachers Institute, through its seminars, offers teachers the opportunity to develop curriculum units for their classrooms while drawing on the academic expertise of college and university professors and utilizing the research facilities of higher education institutions. Each curriculum unit is utilized by its author in the year immediately following the seminar in which it was developed. In addition, all curriculum units are made available for use by other teachers by placing them on-line here (each year the units are also bound and distributed to all Pittsburgh public schools).

Volume I Immigration
Volume II Media Math
Volume III Physical Problem-Solving
Volume IV Social Justice

Volume I African American Literature
Volume II Literacy in the Math Class
Volume III Oral History
Volume IV Pittsburgh Bridges

Volume I African Americans in Pittsburgh
Volume II Celebrations
Volume III Global Warming
Volume IV Problem Solving
Volume V Psychology of Eating
Volume VI What Are They Reading?

Volume I African Americans Impacts
Volume II Changing Family Structure
Volume III Globalization
Volume IV Machines in the Wilderness
Volume V The String Wars
Volume VI The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Math
Volume VII Through the Lens Darkly
Volume VIII Unearth Clues to Good Writing

Volume I African Art
Volume II Children's Literature
Volume III Fractals and Chaos
Volume IV Shakespeare
Volume V War and Peace in America

Volume I Against Our Will: Forced Migration & Immigration
Volume II Disease Disasters: Pandemics, Epidemics, and How and Why They Happen
Volume III Hollywood and American History: Reel History VS. Real History
Volume IV Law and Order
Volume V Pittsburgh's Mass Media
Volume VI Play It Again, Sam: Arts and Society
Volume VII Reading Richard Greene's "The Elegant Universe"

Volume I Everything You Wanted to Know About the Universe...But Were Afraid to Ask
Volume II A Mobile People: American Immigration and Migration 1760-1900
Volume III The Great Problems of Mathematics
Volume IV Healthy Minds/Healthy Bodies
Volume V Introduction to Folktales
Volume VI Writing: Its Role in Literacy K-8 (Rendering the Visible in Writing)
Volume VII Pittsburgh Landmarks and Parks
Volume VIII The Essentials of African Culture

Volume I Coming Over: The "Old" Immigration
Volume II Integrating Musical Theater into the Curriculum
Volume III Learning Science by Doing Science II - Electronics
Volume IV Looking at Everyday Mathematics
Volume V Pittsburgh Rivers
Volume VI Reading and Teaching Poetry
Volume VII Understanding Nonfiction Genres
Volume VIII U.S. Latino Literature and Culture

Volume I A Restless People: Americans on the Move, 1760-1900
Volume II Survey of African-American History by Way of African-American Literature and Art
Volume III Comedy: From Aristophanes to the Present
Volume IV Everyday Science
Volume V Genetics and Genomes
Volume VI Latin America and U.S. Popular Culture
Volume VII Learning Science by Doing Science

Volume I Contemporary Latin America: Culture and Civilization
Volume II Diversity and Resistance
Volume III Kitchen Chemistry
Volume IV Media Revolutions
Volume V The Math Connection
Volume VI Pittsburgh's Environmental History
Volume VII The Twenties (The Lost Generation)

Volume I American History through Art
Volume II Interdisciplinary Views of Pittsburgh History
Volume III Learning Physics through Science Fiction
Volume IV Pittsburgh Writers
Volume V Proof in Mathematics: Origin, Practice, Crisis
Volume VI Religion in American Society

Volume I American Culture in the 1950s
Volume II Energy and Environmental Issues
Volume III Multicultural Literature: French African and Creole Writers
Volume IV Newspapers: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
IMGALTTAG Pittsburgh Teachers Institute
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