Chatham University

The Hilda M. Willis Amphitheater

The Hilda M. Willis Amphitheater is a unique performance space at Eden Hall Campus that provides a scenic and relaxed setting for campus and community events. Carved into the natural landscape, the amphitheater offers pastoral southern views overlooking the adjacent orchard, field, and the rolling terrain of the North Hills.

As a performance space, the Willis Amphitheater utilizes the natural shape of the land for clear acoustics and direct audience sightlines. In addition to its public function, the amphitheater is also a key component of the sustainable and ecological functions of the campus. The design and layout serve as an artery through which constructed wetlands can discharge excess water for collection in a pond below the base of the amphitheater. This pond is used to provide irrigation water in drought conditions, regulate storm water discharge into Glade Run, and provide a wetland amenity to campus trail users.

Willis Amphitheater Views