Learning Outcomes | Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

Chatham University

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the MFA program students will:

  • Develop and hone skills in creating, editing and revising in the student's primary genre.
  • Demonstrate ability to read and respond thoughtfully and critically in both oral and written form to other student’s work.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to perform in a workshop situation.
  • Recognize and write within the genres of nature, environmental or travel writing.
  • Write and publically present (orally) a polished creative manuscript of marketable quality.
  • Cultivate a professional identity in terms of self-presentation in both written and oral forms to include reading their work aloud at public venues, interviewing other writers, attending outside readings, writing book reviews and organizing literary events.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the theory and practice of literary publishing, including the practice of submitting work to literary journals and/or to quality trade publishers.
  • Develop a nuanced sense of place and the ways in which place is important to the student’s work.
  • Travel to a national or international destination and generate creative works from that experience
  • Analyze and write with care about literary texts of considerable difficulty.
  • Recognize critical positions and literary arguments, including the student’s own critical and aesthetic position.
  • Demonstrate a good reading knowledge of modern and contemporary literature and how the student’s own work fits within a literary tradition.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the theory and practice of teaching creative writing.