Chatham University

Quick Facts

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Enrollment (Fall 2015)
Undergraduate 1034
Graduate 1190
Total University 2224
Chatham students come from 48 states and 27 foreign countries.
For the total University, 15.7% are minority students and 7.7% are international students.
For the Undergraduate, 14% are minority students and 10.4% are international students.
For the Graduate, 17.2% are minority students and 5.4% are international students.
Student : Faculty Ratio
Undergraduate 9.9 to 1
Total University 9.7 to 1
Full-time Faculty 114
Part-time Faculty 202
Total Faculty 316
Percent of Full-Time Faculty with Ph.D. or top terminal degree 87.7%
Majors and Programs of Study
Undergraduate Degree Majors 41
Master's Degree Programs 26
Doctoral Degree Programs 4
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