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Chatham University Office of Sustainability

Climate Committee

The mission of the Chatham University Campus Climate Commitment Committee is to reduce the University's carbon footprint and achieve sustainability in energy use as described in the Presidents' Climate Commitment with communication and involvement of the entire Chatham community.

The Climate Committee membership includes faculty, staff, and students of Chatham University who come together biweekly to discuss and plan initiatives to push Chatham towards becoming a carbon neutral campus. The committee includes four subcommittees that work on specialized programming for campus. These committees are: Alternative Transportation, Waste Reduction, Energy, and Outreach.

Green Horizons

Green Horizons is Chatham University's student-run environmental group. This collective works to promote sustainable living and awareness. Past activities include recycled plastic bag "slip and slide" night, a bike-in movie, the annual "Green Week," which involves the "veg pledge," environmentally-themed teach-ins, and a lecture from the Beehive Collective, etc.

Bike Collective

The Bike Collective is a subgroup of Green Horizons dedicated to encouraging and enabling students to bike, rather than drive. With the help of the local organizations, Free Ride and Bike Pittsburgh, the collective guides students through the ins and outs of bicycle commuting.

Bike Works

Need help with your bike or just a place to store it indoors? Visit Chatham Bike Works in the basement of Woodland Hall behind Health Servicesl! Opened in 2010, Bike Works is a free work-space available to all Chatham biking community members. Bike Works offers shop hours and "hands on" workshops. These workshops focus on different aspects of bicycling that everyone who plans to ride needs to know about: basic maintenance skills, on-the-road repairs and how to ride safely, to name a few.

Please contact Bike Works assistant Liz Sawyer at for any questions you may have.

Affiliated Organizations

Pittsburgh Student Environmental Coalition (PSEC)
Although not strictly a Chatham organization, the Pittsburgh Student Environmental Coalition (PSEC) is a newly formed youth collective working to promote positive environmental change in Pittsburgh and beyond. PSEC is a cohesive organization as well as a support system for its member environmental organizations. or more information, visit or Current member and partner organizations include:

  • Free the Planet (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Sustainable Earth (Carnegie Mellon)
  • School of Life
  • The Blue Green Alliance
  • Sierra Student Coalition/Sierra Club