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Office of International Affairs

Chatham University believes that providing students with a strong global perspective is critical as the world becomes ever more technologically and economically interconnected. Our commitment to internationalizing the campus has an across-the-curriculum approach, which provides curricular and co-curricular experiences on campus and abroad and involves all students regardless of major and all faculties regardless of discipline or teaching area.

As the center for Chatham's international activities, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) provides learning opportunities and services that foster cross-cultural awareness, facilitate intercultural communication, and enhance knowledge of world cultures and societies.

The role of the OIA is to:

+Study Abroad

Interested students are encouraged to search programs and submit the online Chatham application well in advance of the deadlines required by the chosen programs, but no later than April 15 for programs that begin in the fall of the next academic year; October 31 for programs that begin in the spring; and March 31 for summer programs. Further information and the Chatham study abroad application forms are available from the Office of International Affairs.

+Chatham Field Experiences

Chatham Field Experiences are academic courses abroad focused on interdisciplinary topics, which are taught by Chatham faculty during the Maymester or summer terms. Field Experiences are preceded by a required pre-course in the spring term. The courses, topics, and destinations vary from year to year, depending on faculty interests and experiences, the global economy, and current global political situations.

+Exchange Programs

Students on exchange programs pay tuition and applicable fees to Chatham University and then study without paying tuition at the partner university. Some exchange programs are for semester or yearlong study and others permit summer study. Some exchange programs include tuition, room and board and other exchange programs only include tuition. Generally, participants must have completed one year of study at Chatham, hold a 3.0 GPA, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate.

+Direct Enroll Programs

Students on direct enroll programs pay tuition and applicable fees to Chatham's partner university abroad. Some direct enroll programs are for semester or yearlong study and others permit summer study. In most cases, federal financial aid applies toward the cost of these programs. Generally, participants must have completed one year of study at Chatham and be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate.

+Third Party Programs

Students can study in nearly any country for credit in approved programs for any term, including Maymester, summer, or the full academic year. A student's eligibility to apply for and enroll in a specific program is determined by the organization offering the program. The program of study must be conducted by an accredited U.S. college or university or by a recognized foreign institution.

+International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) monitors institutional compliance with federal regulations pertaining to non-immigrant visas. With international students from more than 25 countries as well as faculty and staff from around the world, Chatham is a diverse and stimulating community at provides penal attention to its students. ISSS guides students and scholars by:

  • Clarifying university and immigration policies and procedures
  • Developing opportunities to engage with American populations
  • Helping maintain legal status in the U.S.
  • Assisting with religious, housing and dining concerns
  • Developing intercultural programs and activities

+Global Focus

The award winning Global Focus program seeks to instill global competence in Chatham students by leading a campus-wide initiative focused on a specific country or region of the world over the course of an academic year through the curriculum, films, lectures, performances and cuisine. The program also promotes cross-cultural understanding by forging connections with off-campus international initiatives in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.

+English Language Program

The mission of Chatham English Language Program (ELP) is to provide high quality instruction and services in English as a Second Language (ESL) to Chatham undergraduate and graduate students and individuals who wish to improve their English proficiency for academic, professional, and social purposes.


  • provide intensive ESL instruction to non-native speakers of English
  • provide customized language and cultural programs and professional English language programs to overseas and local institutions, businesses, and communities
  • offer credit courses in English for Academic Purposes
  • provide ESL services including one-on-one tutoring, a conversation partner program, a conversation hours program, and ESL assessment for non-native English speaking students at Chatham University
  • advise the University on ESL-related issues

100-Level Credit Courses

Nonnative English speaking undergraduate and graduate students may take a combination of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses at the 100-level and academic courses in the first year. These courses allow undergraduate students to earn credits towards their degree and meet General Education requirements at Chatham. New students take a placement test and are advised to take some of the EAP courses during their first year. Students who would like to get an early start for their academic year in the fall may enroll in the summer terms offered by the ELP.

Part-Time Program

Part-time students take 2-3 courses a session at different levels from basic to advanced.

Custom Programs

Custom English language and culture programs are offered to overseas and local institutions, businesses and communities as needed.

Course Information

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