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Chatham Scholars Program

Do more meaningful work at Chatham University.

The Chatham Scholars program is not your average honors program. Most Colleges and Universities require you to complete more class work than your peers, and offer you nothing more than a distinction at graduation.

At Chatham, we think a Scholars Program should engage you, not just give you more work to accomplish. It should provide opportunities that match your ambitions. Your fellow Scholars may take a trip to the Andy Warhol Museum and explore how art directly influences culture. Or go to the gym and figure out how a cardio treadmill really computes calories burned. Or maybe sit down with local or national leaders and talk about trends in education, business, or social justice.

The Chatham Scholars Program is designed as an interdisciplinary challenge, engaging you both in and out of the classroom. It requires you to enroll in 6 courses over three years – three of which are part of your first-year experience. These courses are highly focused, challenging, faculty-designed scholars' seminars and are integrated into the general education curriculum requirements to minimize course burden.

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Scholars Program Curriculum

  • First Year Writing Seminar (ENG105; a required general education class)
  • First year Success (SDE101; a required general education class)
  • First Year Science (ENV115; can fulfill science + lab or sustainability general education requirement)
  • Scholars Dialogues Course (1-credit Scholars seminar)
  • Intellectual Traditions Seminar in the Disciplines (choose one of several courses; fulfills a 200+ level breadth general education requirement)
  • Faculty Seminar in the Disciplines (choose one of several courses; fulfills a 200+ level breadth general education requirement)

Upon graduation, having completed the five Scholars' courses and having maintained a 3.0 GPA, your Chatham diploma and transcript will recognize you as a Chatham Scholar. Chatham Scholars are also eligible for Scholars-specific awards like the Kathryn Roberts Frank Award.

Chatham Scholars

How can I become a Chatham Scholar?

You aren't necessarily accepted into the Chatham Scholars Program because of high SAT scores or an above average GPA. In fact, we begin looking at applicants starting with a 3.25 GPA and a 1000 SAT (combined CR/M) or a 22 ACT score. The Scholars Program is limited to only 20 students per academic class, so we are looking for students who want to be challenged and want to engage us, as well. We are looking for individuals who will make positive contributions to our campus culture.

Let your admissions counselor know that you are interested in the Chatham Scholars program and submit an application (below). You may also submit a supplemental piece which can highlight not just your academic strengths but showcase achievements, creative work, community service, volunteer work, travel – it’s up to you to decide what you think makes you a Chatham Scholar.

For more information about the program, please contact Dr. David Fraser at 412-365-2961 or email, or Dr. Nichole Bayliss at 412-365-1128 or Or, call our Office of Admission at 800-837-1290 or email

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