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Psychology (B.A.) Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Psychology major, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the major concepts and empirical findings related to Human Development, Biological Bases of Behavior, Learning and Cognition, and Social Influences of Behavior and Individual Differences.
  2. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of research methods for implementation of quasi-experimental, correlational and/or qualitative research with the use of statistical software packages.
  3. Apply critical thinking to determine the credibility of information and develop, defend and criticize arguments.
  4. Demonstrate skills in written and oral communication including the presentation of scientific and own ideas in a public forum.
  5. Demonstrate awareness of how basic psychological principles and theories may apply differently across cultures.
  6. Demonstrate personal development through fulfillment of student responsibilities and the application of psychological knowledge to self-development.
  7. Demonstrate professional development and professionalism through appropriate use of supervision/advising, career exploration and participation in career related internships and/or independent studies.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues and behavior in relation to the treatment of human and non-human research subjects, and in the application and practice of psychology.