Chatham University

Butler County Community College (BC3)
RN-to-BSN Partnership

The BC3+Chatham University RN-to-BSN partnership program makes it easy (and, at only $530 per credit, affordable!) to complete the 120 credits needed to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. You can also work as a licensed RN while you complete your degree online.

Here's how it works:

YEARS 1-3: take general education and RN courses at the BC3 main campus. Successfully earn your associate's degree and pass your registered nursing board examination for licensure.

YEAR 4: earn your BSN degree online through Chatham (while earning experience (and money!) working as an RN).

Why complete your BSN through BC3 and Chatham?

  • You're guaranteed admission to Chatham's prestigious nursing program once you pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).
  • You'll save thousands of dollars - and months of time - when compared to a traditional BSN degree.


Students must pass NCLEX before starting Year 4 (term 7) in order to take the BSN part of the curriculum. Listing of Year 4 online Chatham classes follows:

IND175 Introduction to Nursing Resources - 1 credit

This course will teach students how to develop and apply skills in locating, evaluating, and synthesizing information from a variety of resources. Over the course of five weeks, students will complete five assignments that are specific to each week's topic. This work is to be completed outside of class and is designed to help complete projects and papers in NUR402.

NUR402 Health Policy and Finance - 3 credits

This course is designed to explore the role of Health and Public Policy, financial considerations, formulation and role of legislation and regulation, and ethical principles related to ANA Code of Ethics. Also addressed are topics including value-based purchasing, end-of-life care, living wills, advanced directives, social networking and Affordable Care Act.

NUR403W Women's Health Nursing - 3 credits

This course will present an overview of issues relevant to women’s health nursing. Nursing assessment techniques specific to female clients will be explored. Specific nursing interventions to promote women’s health will be covered including: HIV, early detection of female cancers, reproductive health, mental health issues, osteoporosis, pharmacokinetics, nutrition, physical fitness.

NUR407 Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice - 3 credits

This course will enable students to critically review nursing research, choose a relevant clinical issue to examine, explore literature, and utilize nursing research in clinical practice. Ethical principles of nursing research, particularly protection of human subjects and other ethical accountabilities focusing on research utilization and evidence-based practice will be explored.

NUR409 Clinical Prevention, Population and Environmental Health - 3 credits

This course provides a framework for the development of nursing interventions promoting population and environmental health for individuals and communities. Health promotion will be a significant focus of this course.

NUR410 Global Cultural Diversity and Specialty Population Nursing - 3 credits

This course is focused on various cultural and specialty populations. Multiple aspects of culture, vulnerability, and needs of individual populations will be analyzed and discussed. Content includes issues of ethics, social justice, health literacy, and barriers to care. (35 practice experience hours required)

NUR411 Geriatric Nursing - 3 credits

Multiple aspects of geriatric health and the aging population will be explored. Specific nursing interventions to promote older adult health will be covered including pharmacological considerations, nutrition, elder abuse, sexuality, coping with loss and grief, health and wellness promotion and the continuum of care. (35 practice experience hours required)

NUR412 Nursing Communication and Quality Improvement - 3 credits

This course will prepare the student for effective communication and collaboration amongst the interprofessional team with the goal of practicing high quality, safe, patient-centered care. Topics of quality improvement and interprofessional communication will be emphasized.

NUR499W Nursing Leadership and Professional Practicum - 4 credits

This culminating course encompasses various aspects of professionalism and leadership while shadowing multiple leaders in the clinical setting. Students will apply leadership concepts and decision making skills in the provision of high quality nursing care. (70 practice experience hours required)

Chatham Elective - 6 credits

*70 credits for Nursing (RN) Associate in Applied Science


Admission requirements for the Chatham's RN-BSN program at Butler County Community College are the same as those for Chatham's traditional program offering. Please complete the free online application and select the BC3 RN-BSN option.


For more information, please contact Graduate Admission at or by phone at 412-365-1825.

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

The RN-BSN, MSN, and DNP programs at Chatham University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington DC 20001, (202) 463-6930.