Chatham University

EARTH University/Chatham University Master's Programs Partnership

Chatham University's Falk School of Sustainability & Environment (Falk School) has designed one-year Master of Sustainability (MSUS) and Master of Arts in Food Studies (MAFS) programs exclusively for EARTH University graduates. As a graduate of EARTH University, you already have a strong commitment to sustainable development and natural resources management. Now, you can take your education to the next level at Chatham's Eden Hall Campus, one of the first campuses in the United States developed from the ground up to be net zero energy and carbon and water resource neutral.

Chatham and EARTH University share foundational principle: ethical values, entrepreneurialism, and a commitment to addressing environmental, social, and economic issues. Consequently, our Sustainability and Food Studies programs are natural extensions of what you started at EARTH University. In coming to Chatham, you will be able to further develop your expertise in the US context, and complement your tropical experience with our temperate setting.

Take advantage of this exclusive partnership and follow your passion across the globe with a one-year master's program that will give you a professional advantage by preparing you to address the complex sustainability and food system challenges facing individuals, communities, nations, ecosystems, and corporations around the world.



Master of Sustainability (MSUS)



Master of Arts in Food Studies (MAFS)

Eden Hall Campus

Nestled on 388 acres of rolling woodlands and fields in Richland, PA, you will find the world’s first university campus designed to be a showcase for sustainable solutions. Built from below the ground up, Eden Hall is an experiential campus that immerses today’s students, children, families, communities and life-long learners in the possibilities of tomorrow. With the campus serving as an educational canvas, faculty, students, and the public engage in a collaborative, hands-on approach to learning to develop tomorrow's leaders in sustainability.

Summer Bridge English language training

Both of the Chatham University master degree programs described here are writing intensive. Chatham will offer a Summer Bridge English language training course for those non-native English students joining the program who require or desire stronger English language skills. Courses will also be available to other Earth University graduates who wish to improve their English language (spoken and written) skills as a stand-alone immersion language course.