Sustainability Graduate Summer Intensive

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April 26–June 14, 2019

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Earn up to eight credits in sustainability and related skills.

Chatham University's Sustainability Graduate Summer Intensive allows students to take a curated group of Master of Sustainability program courses during the first seven weeks of the summer semester, and at a reduced price.

Study at Eden Hall Campus—and throughout the City of Pittsburgh.

On Campus at Eden Hall Field Lab

Utilize the experiential learning resources at your fingertips at Eden Hall Campus.

Pittsburgh and Bridge with Plane

All courses feature extensive field visits across the Pittsburgh region.

The summer is the best time to be at Eden Hall, from an ecological, agricultural and aesthetic point of view, and courses make use of Eden Hall’s streams and woodlands; infrastructure; data; and experts.

Pittsburgh and its region was the birthplace of the American coal, oil and steel industry. In its heyday, it was one of the most polluted cities on the planet. Today it is transformed and now one of the leading city proponents of sustainability: an ideal place to study the evolution and future of sustainability.

Who is it for?

The program is for all students prepared to study at the graduate level, including:

  • Chatham Master of Sustainability students
  • Students from other colleges in similar graduate programs (e.g., Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Ecology) who wish to take advantage of reduced-price summer courses
  • Students at local universities who wish to enter Chatham’s Master of Sustainability program

What will I learn?

Summer courses offer the opportunity for extensive field work and study in a more relaxed environment, and all courses are taught in a hands-on fashion. The program makes full use of the environmental and technological resources of Eden Hall and the rich history of pollution, renewal and moves towards sustainability in the Pittsburgh region. Courses include:

SUS 512: Sustainability in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh and the surrounding region have experienced several waves of change; the current described as a "green renaissance". This is an experiential course which will provide a socio-ecological history of the region through field visits that highlights the industrial history of Pittsburgh and the diversity in how it is striving to become a model of a sustainable city.

SUS 619: The Water's Edge

The water's edge is rich with ecological and cultural activity. Through online discussions, field excursions, public service, participation in research, interactions with practitioners, and a curated exhibit, this course bridges theory with application for the science and policy relevant to the aquatic-terrestrial interface (e.g., streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal shorelines).

SUS 625: Restorative Environmental Justice

This course analyzes the environmental justice movement around the world. It draws lessons from the conditions that have led to environmental injustices, the historical development of the movement, the policy responses of governments and international agencies, the solutions pursued by communities, and the role played by the private sector. The course explores the role of natural asset-building strategies that simultaneously reduce poverty and address environmental issues.


Classes meet at Chatham's groundbreaking and beautiful Eden Hall Campus, the world's first academic campus built from below the ground up for the study of sustainability, in Pittsburgh's North Hills. Accommodation is available at the LEED Platinum-certified Orchard Residence Hall, featuring geothermal heating and cooling through radiant ceiling panels, along with a number of other sustainable features.

Eden Hall Campus used to be a summer retreat, featuring an outdoor swimming pool, bowling alley, pool table, and miles of hiking trails. And if you'd like to step off campus, the North Hills is a vibrant area of Pittsburgh with restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and movie theaters. Nearby North Park offers hiking, boating, and ziplining.

Chatham University

6035 Ridge Road
Gibsonia, PA 15206


The summer school will run for seven weeks: April 26 to June 14, 2019. Each of the three courses takes place during two morning or afternoon slots, Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a non-teaching day.

Applications are accepted for the program through April 15, 2019.

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