Abby Mendelson

Hometown:  New York City


Creative Nonfiction, Environmental Writing, Fiction Writing, Memoir, Personal Essay; Historical & Contemporary Literature, Fiction and Nonfiction


Family, Marriage, Jewish Studies, Baseball, Environmentalism, Writing, Travel


Adjunct Professor Abby Mendelson has written, ghost-written, or significantly contributed to some three dozen books.  About Pittsburgh, he has authored books on the Steelers, neighborhoods, houses of worship, jazz, and notable personalities; histories of schools, orphanages, institutions, and the Civic Arena.  Having published much fiction as well as hundreds of articles on virtually every subject, including government, sports, business, history, education, religion, real estate, and the arts for publications as varied as Pittsburgh Magazine and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, e-zines Pop City and NEXT Pittsburgh, he has also worked in politics and government, advertising and public relations.   He teaches creative non-fiction, wilderness and general literature, and environmental writing, and has directed numerous theses.

  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1976
  • Frankly, too many writing awards to list, largely for non-fiction


Journalism, public relations documents, newsletters, proposals, advertising campaigns, political campaigns, and so on, far too many entries to list, 1976-2021.

Therefore, the following list consists of books only: major contributions, significant rewrites, original material, but not extensive edits – again, too many to list.

  • Countdown to Renaissance II, Nonfiction, first major study of Renaissance II, 1985
  • Pittsburgh: Fulfilling Its Destiny, Nonfiction, major presentation of Renaissance II, 1986
  • The Power of Pittsburgh, Nonfiction, major presentation of Renaissance II, 1990
  • Pittsburgh Characters, Nonfiction, Profiles of notable Pittsburghers, 1991
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers Official History, Four Editions, Nonfiction, 1996-2006 Pittsburgh: A Place in Time, Two Editions, Nonfiction, city neighborhoods, 1998-2004
  • Reckoning with Rainbows: A History of the Pressley-Ridge Schools, Nonfiction, 1999
  • A Century of Caring: The History of the Holy Family Institute, Nonfiction, 2000
  • Paradise Boys, Novel, 2003
  • Scotch and Oranges, Novel, 2003
  • Wilderness Within, Wilderness Without, Nonfiction, history of teen program, 2004
  • Ghost Dancer, 21 Short Stories, 2006
  • Pittsburgh Born Pittsburgh Bred, Nonfiction, 200 profiles of notable Pittsburghers, 2008
  • The End of the Road, 36 Flash Short Stories, 2008
  • Jazz Suite, Poetry, 2008
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers Yesterday and Today, Nonfiction, 2010
  • The Oakland Quartet, Novel, 2012
  • Pittsburgh Prays: Thirty-Six Houses of Worship, Nonfiction, 2013
  • Arena: Remembering the Igloo, Nonfiction, memories of the Civic Arena, 2013
  • The Steelers Experience, Nonfiction, 2014
  • Voices from the Hill: A Celebration of Hill House, Nonfiction, 2014
  • Spirit to Spirit: A Portrait of Pittsburgh Jazz in the New Century, Nonfiction, 2019
  • Reunion, 16 Short Stories, 2021
  • As with awards, edits, journalism, and so on, there are too many to list.