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Study Abroad Voucher

Beginning with the fall 2012 semester, Chatham University offers full-time undergraduate students a one-time study abroad voucher in the amount of $1,200.  Students who do not study abroad forfeit the voucher and students who want to study abroad a second time do not receive an additional voucher.

Who is eligible for the $1,200 voucher?

Full-time undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of 30 credits, of which 15 credits must have been completed at Chatham prior to departure, are eligible for the $1200 study abroad voucher.  Students who have previously participated in a short term Chatham Abroad Maymester program are not eligible for the $1200 voucher, since those students have already received a study abroad subsidy from the university.

What programs can I use the $1,200 voucher toward?

The voucher can be applied toward any study abroad program, including semester programs, academic year programs, summer programs, and short term field experiences.  The voucher can be applied toward Chatham programs, including approved exchanges, approved partner programs and short term field experiences or toward programs that are not affiliated with Chatham (third-party programs).  The voucher also can be applied toward the cost of an internship or experiential learning program abroad provided that the student is earning academic credit for the experience. 

What is the International Studies certificate voucher?

Students who have completed at least half the requirements for an International Studies certificate are eligible for an additional $1,800 voucher which can be combined with the $1,200 voucher for a total of $3,000.  The $1,800 voucher can also be used separately toward a second study abroad experience.  The study associated with the International Studies voucher must be equivalent to a minimum of 6 credits.  To be eligible, students must have completed with a grade of at least “C” or better at least one half of the total credits for the certificate, including at least 8 credits of the foreign language requirement (or proof of proficiency).  Students who leave Chatham without completing the certificate or who do not complete the certificate for other reasons will be required to repay $1,800 to the university.  Study abroad programs taken in connection with the International Studies Program or the International Certificates must be approved by the International Studies regional coordinator.  Students must complete the International Studies Certificate Verification form.

How will the vouchers be applied?

Students will complete Chatham’s Study Abroad application, including all signatures for coursework and program approval.  Once the student submits the study abroad application and is approved for study abroad, the voucher will be added to the aid package for the appropriate term along with the registration in the place holder course.  The voucher will then be posted with other aid at the start of the term.

Are there scholarships available for study abroad?

Yes.  Through the generous support of many scholarship donors, Chatham University students may apply for a limited number of competitive scholarships for study abroad.  Additional outside scholarships may be available for some destinations and programs, for example, the Vira I. Heinz Program for Global Leadership, Boren, Gilman and others.  Please see the Study Abroad scholarship section of Chatham’s Education Abroad page for details and application information for Chatham scholarships and outside scholarships


Please make an appointment to discuss your options with Ms. Karin Chipman, or call her at (412) 365-2714.  Please submit the study abroad advising form before your appointment.