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The Chatham Field Experiences program offers eligible Chatham students international study and travel as an integral part of their Chatham degree program. To be eligible, students must have completed 30 credits at the time of travel, 15 of which must have been completed at Chatham, and not have any academic, discipline or financial holds. Students must be in good academic standing at time of application and prior to program departure.

Chatham Field Experiences include academic courses focused on interdisciplinary topics, taught by Chatham faculty during the summer term. The courses, topics, and foreign sites vary from year to year, depending on faculty interests and experiences, the global economy, and current international political conditions.

The cost for the field experiences vary based on location and other variables such as excursions, food, etc. Students may use their study abroad voucher toward the program costs.

Chatham Field Experiences 2019

Previous Chatham Field Experiences Locations

Chatham Field Experiences 2018 Locations

  • Berlin - Brussels - Identity and Social Policy in the European Union
  • Costa Rica - Special Topics in Sustainability
  • Greece - Discovery course
  • Indonesia - Indonesian Field Experience

Chatham Field Experiences 2017 Locations

  • Japan - Kansai Cuisines
  • Portugal - Empire, Dictatorship and Identity in Modern Europe
  • Spain - Global Health Perspectives

Chatham Field Experiences 2016 Locations

  • Brazil: Sustainability in Brazil
  • Indonesia: Indonesian Culture and Beliefs in a Sustainably Built Environment
  • Sweden: Gender Mainstreaming and Public Policy: A Comparative Exploration of Sweden
  • Taiwan: Take on Taiwan

Chatham Field Experiences 2015 Locations

  • Germany and Belgium: Identity, Diversity and Social Policy in the European Union
  • South Africa: Rainbow Country Trails

Chatham Field Experiences 2014 Locations

  • Brazil: Endangered Species in the Pantanal
  • Brazil: Sustanaible Energy Practices and Construction in the Pantanal
  • South Africa: Rainbow Country Trails
  • Italy: The City in Post-war Italy - Siena, Florence and Rome
  • Italy: Italian Renaissance: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

Chatham Field Experiences 2013 Locations

  • Berlin, Germany and Brussels, Belgium: Identity and Social Policy in the European Union
  • South Africa: Rainbow Country Trails
  • Taiwan: Multicultural Taiwan

Chatham Abroad 2012 Locations

  • Berlin, Germany: International Business in Germany
  • The Galapagos Islands: A Conservation Experience
  • Indonesia: Art and Culture in Contemporary in Indonesia
  • Istanbul, Turkey: Contemporary Issues in Turkish Society and Politics

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