Chatham University

Why Study Abroad?

Chatham University Office of International Affairs

First, some myths about study abroad:

1. I have to speak another language to study abroad.

Not true! Many study abroad programs are in English speaking countries or are conducted in English!

2. It's too expensive to study abroad.

Not necessarily! It depends on the program you choose. There are many scholarship opportunities and a study abroad voucher is available through Chatham!

3. Not all majors can study abroad.

False! There are programs for all majors. Plus, you can always go during summer or participate in a short term field experience!

4. It's not safe to study abroad.

Not everywhere! Get the facts on crime and safety statistics in the country you are interested in. Chatham doesn't approve travel to countries with Travel Warnings!

5. I will get homesick.

You might miss home, but you'll be so busy learning, exploring, and making new friends that the time will fly by!

6. I won't graduate on time if I study abroad.

No way! All classes you take abroad transfer. Use the time to fulfill requirements!

7. I will have plenty of time to travel after graduation

Well, maybe, but after graduation the search for jobs and graduate school often keeps people from travel. Do it now while you have time and resources!

Just a few advantages of studying abroad:

  1. Looks great on your resume.
  2. Increase your independence.
  3. Build your self confidence by learning to use creative problem solving.
  4. Build a global network and develop lasting friendships all over the world.
  5. Develop your cross-cultural communication skills.
  6. Strengthen your ability to adapt to new environments.
  7. Expand your understanding of your role in your own culture by gaining a global perspective.

Are you ready to study abroad? Please make an appointment to discuss your options with Ms. Karin Chipman, or call her at (412) 365-2714. Please submit the study abroad advising form before your appointment.