Chatham University

About Chatham

Chatham University’s main campus is located within the City of Pittsburgh, but well to the East of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, and tucked away between the Shadyside and Squirrel Hill neighborhoods. The campus offers the best of both worlds: an insular educational experience as well as the ability to partake in a variety of city activities and experiences.

Information about being a student in Pittsburgh is available at the Student Guide to Pittsburgh.

About Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh is located on the western side of the State of Pennsylvania, where three rivers meet. Pittsburgh is a city with a rich cultural heritage, characterized by its steel manufacturing history, geography, neighborhoods, modern business culture, quality art, and enthusiastic sports scene. Pittsburgh has a diverse population and a history of immigrant settlement: Polish, Italian, Irish, Black-American, Jewish, Chinese, Indian, Arabs and more have settled in the city. The people of Pittsburgh are able to enjoy the best of both city and country life, and at a comparatively low cost. In 2011, Pittsburgh was named as one of America's most liveable cities.