Chatham University

Programs of Study

Starting in summer 2017, the English Language Program will not offer the Basic level. Applicants need to already have basic English skills to be admitted.

Programs offered:

Intensive English Program

Non-credit English language study

Upon arriving at Chatham, students take a placement test and are placed in one of five levels of instruction.

Levels 1-3

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Low Intermediate
  • Level 3: Intermediate

Students in these levels will take skill-based courses that focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. They may also take a course in U.S. culture.

Levels 4-5

  • Level 4: High Intermediate
  • Level 5: Advanced

Students in these levels take both skill-based courses and content-based courses. Content-based courses focus on such topics as:

  • U.S. Culture
  • U.S. Literature
  • U.S. History

Students at the advanced level may be permitted to take undergraduate courses from various departments as advised.

Academic Courses for Undergraduate Students

The ELP offers credit-bearing academic courses to undergraduate students. These are 100-level courses that count towards students' degree. Students meet General Education requirements by taking these courses. Below is a list of courses that will be offered in fall 2016. Please see the Course Catalog for more information.

  • ELI 104 Academic Composition
  • ELI 108 Academic Communication Skills
  • ELI 190 American Culture and Cinema
  • ELI 191 US Culture
  • ELI 192 Readings in Language and Culture
  • ELP 103 Grammar for Academic Writing
  • ELP 112 American Literature

Courses for part-time students

Part-time students (students on a F2 or tourist visa) can take one or two courses a semester offered by the ELP.

Short-term programs

The ELP also offers customized programs to groups of participants. The length of the program can be as short as two weeks and as long as you desire. Examples of these programs are professional development programs for English language teachers, short-term language and culture programs, and short-term academic English programs. Please contact to inquire about these programs.