Chatham University

Student Testimonials

During 6 months, I did a lot of things in the US. I visited as many places as I could, ate a lot of American foods, chatted with many new friends, and so on… During the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited my roommate's house. One day, I talked with her mother about the classes at Chatham University and my dream. Then, she told me that my English was getting better than the first day. At that time, I felt so happy and I could realize that my English skill is improving.
I love Chatham. There are many friendly people around me! Thank you Chatham. Thank you everyone. –Shiho
I think Chatham is a good place for making many friends from various countries! –Rika
I love Chatham! Everyone is lovely! –Sawako
My wonderful days at Chatham University are about to end. It feels like just yesterday that I came here. I remember that I was excited about my new life in the United States. About six months later, I'm full of confidence and spark… I can't forget the days that I spent at Chatham University and the people who I met here. One day, I want to come back to the United States to repay all the people for giving me wonderful days. –Emi
My life at Chatham is AWESOME! I don't want to go back to Japaaan! –Mio
I think Chatham is open to everyone! –Ami
Chatham is beautiful university and it has good environment! –Aki
I love Chatham because it seems like my comfortable house. Everyone is very kind to me and the campus of Chatham is so sweet.
–You Jin
Chatham is a great school! Everyone is friendly and I met many great friends here! –Jing