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Pittsburgh Pathways Program

Students take a combination of ESL and academic courses. ESL courses develop your academic English skills, such as listening to lectures, giving presentations, and writing research papers. Students take 2-4 ESL courses a semester as advised. 100-level ESL courses count toward their undergraduate degree at Chatham.

High Intermediate:

  • ELI091 US Culture
  • ELI092 Communication for Success
  • ELI094 Writing for Success
  • ELI097 Grammar 3


  • ELI101 Academic Reading
  • ELI104 Academic Composition
  • ELI108 Academic Communication Skills
  • ELP103 Advanced Grammar
  • ELP122 American Literature
  • ELI190 US Culture and Cinema
  • ELI191 US Culture
  • ELI193 US Culture: Pittsburgh
  • ELI110 Academic Lectures
  • ELI112 Research Papers

Sample academic courses include:

  • ART 103 Introduction to Visual Culture
  • ECN 101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • HIS 100 Introduction to World History
  • HIS 102 Intro to American History
  • MTH 108 Precalculus
  • MTH 110 Elementary Statistics
  • MTH 151 Calculus I
  • SUS 100 Sustainable Systems
  • SUS 102 Foundations of Sustainability

Tutoring and other academic support are available to help you succeed in your courses.

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